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Meet the founder of TheLocalSenior.com


To centralize and simplify the online search for seniors and their families, with an aim to
reduce stress levels and the confusion surrounding the Canadian seniors industry.


One place to find all service based information pertaining to seniors.

Amy Friesen CEO of Tea & Toast and The Local Senior

Amy Friesen, CEO and Founder

After having more than a decade of expertise working within the senior living industry, Amy Friesen created Tea & Toast, Ottawa’s largest and most respected retirement home advisory service. Realizing the stress, frustration and countless hours required for seniors and family members to search for retirement homes, Amy established Tea & Toast in 2014 to fill a gap in the system. Today, Tea & Toast offers experienced, impartial third-party search services by industry experts who understand and care about their client needs — while also providing local retirement homes with qualified leads.

In Tea & Toast’s third year of operation, Amy recognized another gap in the system: the ability to easily find and access clear, comparable, quality information about retirement homes via online searches. Together with the assistance of Roman Pesliak, Amy launched a basic directory of listings on the Tea & Toast website, allowing users to access minimal information about retirement homes in Ottawa. The listings site attracted many more viewers than anticipated — and what’s more, people stayed on the site, leading to close to a 0% bounce rate. Buoyed by these results, Amy and Roman set out to grow the listings site, and give it a life of its own.

Once again teaming with Roman, Amy recently launched TheLocalSenior.com: a website providing the local community with not just information about senior housing but any service that identifies as “senior-focused.”